“How much is this going to cost” has to be the most commonly asked question, as well it should be. Asking how much your senior pictures will be is like asking a waitress how much your dinner will cost before placing you order.  There are too many variables for us to give you an accurate estimate.   There are two main investments you will make during your Senior Experience.

First, you will choose the session type that fits your needs.  The session investment ranges between $175 and $650. Each level including more options and overall shooting time.  More time means you can expect to shoot in more outfits, go to more locations and create more magic!

The second investment will be your digital or printed product purchase.  This is where client orders will vary based on your individual needs. We have grouped commonly purchased items into collections where each collection will include a canvas wall art piece, an album, gift prints and a number of digital negatives(with print release). We offer a number different collections ranging from $795 to over $2500, with individual prints starting at $45. Digital only collections are also available and start at $895.

It is our job as your photographer to guide you though the selection process and provide you with the right products to fit your budget.  If a collection doesn’t fit your needs, we have a full À la carte menu to purchase from.  Check our our blog post on Top 10 Products Purchased for details on each of the commonly purchased items.

We accept Cash, Credit and Checks as payment methods.  Session fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable and are paid in advance to secure your selected session date and time. Print or digital product purchases require 50% of the investment paid at the time of the order and the balance due upon delivery.  Printed products generally take 4-6 weeks to come in from the date of your order.